Wilson Creek Pottery: Everyday Beauty from Bobbie Harte on Vimeo


The story​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ goes something like this...​

Once upon a time (early 1930s) in a beautiful lush valley (Spring Green, Wisconsin) there was a little cheese factory. The factory served the local dairy farmers of the picturesque Wilson Creek valley. 

In 1973, the property was sold and the factory was converted to a quaint pottery shop and studio creating gas-reduction functional stoneware. Much of the work created over the subsequent forty years by Peggy Ahlgren, are still in use today. 

In 2012, the shop was purchased by Ashley Pfannenstiel and Shannon Porter where they continue the tradition, while developing new products, glazes and connections. Mildred, the dog can be found resting in the driveway daily.