What else can we tell you, how about this:


Are your products ok to go in the dishwasher?

All our pieces are dishwasher safe.


Are your products ok to put in the microwave and/or oven?

We have not had any issues with our pieces in the microwave. We recommend considering how to get as even a heat as possible, for example, avoid taking pieces from the freezer directly into microwave/oven for heating, and best to spread out whatever you're heating evenly across the dish.

Our pieces are oven safe as well, again, be sure to maintain an even heat. Our pie plates and serving dishes are particularly great as a baking dish. You can serve right out of the oven. 


Are your products lead free?

Yes. We consider all our ingredients to be sure they are food safe, environmentally friendly, and human friendly. 


Is your shop really open every day? 

Yes, our shop in Spring Green, WI is open every day from 10 til 6 with the WHOLE of our collection available for sale (excluding all plates which are online order only) with inventory constantly updating during the firing season. Please visit us to shop our wares and round out your collection and to find exciting additional items not pictured on the website. 


Do you make and sell plates? 

Yes we do make plates as well as dish sets. Plates are not currently available in store, they are only available for order on our website a couple times a year (in store pickup and shipping available). Follow our social media and/or join our email list (sign up at the bottom of any page of our website) to stay up to date on when plates are available for order on our online shop. All other forms are available throughout the year from our in-store collection. 


I had a piece break. What can I do?

Rough. We know. We get it. So sorry that happened. Whether it was the cat, the husband, or the kid, the first step is forgiveness. We'll all be ok. Well, except for the pot. The pot will remain broken. But, the pot is totally cool being part of the cycle of creation and destruction. You're welcome to try superglue, but the pot will no longer be viable in the dishwasher and it's usage life will be limited. We recommend thanking it for its good service and letting it go. We make it as durable as it gets, but gravity has a way. And our shop has your replacement when you're ready. 


I had a piece chip. What can I do?

Chip happens. Not a lot, but it will happen. We're sorry it happened to you. We wish we had news about a new food safe, dishwasher safe super glue that would make the piece whole again. We don't. Your piece is totally safe to continue using, and our shop has your replacement if you just can't.