Mix and Match Dish Set    Pot Kettle Black Dish Set     

We LOVE to do the dishes!

DESIGN YOUR OWN SET - choose which forms best serve your household, choose the quantities, choose the glaze(s) - dimensions and prices available on each form in SHOP.  

Feel free to MIX IT UP! Pasta bowls in Patina, dinner plates in Pot Kettle Black. A set of eight plates - two in Farmhouse White, two in Harvest Gold, two in Van Gogh, two in Wildflower. No end to the possibilities.   Note: Plates not available in Patina (long story).

Order it all at once, or do a slow build - two settings at a time, or just the cereal bowls to start - we accept any size order


Plates and dish sets are made to order only.  Please anticipate an estimated eight week frame time for delivery, which may vary according to queue and glaze choice.

Choose your glaze(s): 


Choose your forms:



Don't see a style that you thought we made? Need to make arrangements to pay in increments? Contact us at to inquire, as not all forms make the website, and we offer payment plans.  

More ways to play - don't forget its ALL DISHWASHER SAFE

Table Setting    Dishwasher Safe

 Van Gogh Set    Wildflower Set