It is an honor to be able to handmake a dish set to celebrate the marriage of Erin + Kyle. It's so much fun to present newlyweds with the dishes that will start off their adventure together - enjoy their celebrations, be comfort during the storms, and serve every meal in between.

PLEASE CHOOSE PICKUP FOR THE DELIVERY OPTION AT CHECKOUT (you can ignore any email that says its ready for pickup, it's automatic and we cannot bypass it). Leave any message to the couple in the comment section during checkout.

We have arranged delivery with the couple, and Erin + Kyle will receive their handmade set all together once it is complete. Any purchase will be delivered with the entire batch, so there is no shipping or delivery arrangements asked of the purchaser. 

The couple will be notified of your selection and any message at the time of your purchase. Please understand it is possible your gift could be delivered after the celebrations. 


The above are sample sets for reference, and below are the shoppable items the lovely couple has included in their wish list.

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